24e Congrès international des études byzantines (août 2021, Istanbul) : Liste des tables rondes sélectionnées

Liste des tables rondes sélectionnées, à partir des proposition des comités nationaux. Voir aussi le site du Congrès.

Les tables rondes conduites sous bannière du CFEB sont soulignées.

I) Constantinople (6)

1. Hagia Sophia au VIe siècle, archéologie et littérature (FR)

            Convenor: Delphine Lauritzen

2. Unresolved Questions of Constantinopolitan Topography (R)

            Convenor: Sergey Ivanov

3. The Epigraphies of Constantinople: The Inscriptional Habits of the City from Antiquity to the Ottoman period. Part I: From Ancient Byzantion to the Middle Byzantine Period (AUT)

            Convenor: Andreas Rhoby

4. All Roads Lead to Constantinople? New Studies in the Relationship of Constantinopolitan Sculpture with Anatolia and the Black Sea (In Memory of Claudia Barsanti) (GB)

            Convenors: Rowena Loverance and Flavia Vanni

5. The Urban Landscape and Its Dynamics: Constantinople, Rome and Baghdad (800-1000) (NL)

            Convenor: Mariette Verhoeven

6. Genoese Pera – Western Bridgehead to the East (D)

            Convenors: Stephan Westphalen and Mabi Angar

II) Byzantium Connecting Cultures: Textual Exchanges (8)

7. Beyond Transmission: The Reception of Ancient Literature in Byzantium (USA)

            Convenor: Emmanuel C. Bourbouhakis

8. Ceremony and Ritual in Byzantium and Rus’, Borrowing and Innovations (GB)

            Convenor: Olenka Pevny

9. Retracing Connections: The Byzantine Story-worlds in Greek, Arabic, and Georgian (ca. 950 – ca. 1100) (USA)

            Convenor: Ingela Nilsson

10. Linguistic Pluralism in Byzantium Revisited (FR)

            Convenors: Arietta Papaconstantinou and Annick Peters-Custot

11. Bridging Time, Space, and Cultures: Ptolemy’s Geography in Byzantium (SUI)

            Convenor: Renate Burri

12. The Mistra Circle: Echoes of Byzantium in the West and the East (TR)(GB)

            Convenor: Aslıhan Akışık

13. Preaching as politics, Oratory as theology, 11th-12th centuries (GRE)

            Convenors: Theodora Antonopoulou and Marina Loukaki

14. Gathering, Abridging, Expanding: The Byzantine Practice of Assembling Collections of Texts (ITA) (BEL)

            Convenors: Alessandra Bucossi, Sergei Mariev, and Peter Van Deun

III) Byzantium and the Turks (6)

15 The Christian Orthodox Art within the Ottoman Empire: Continuities and Developments   (BG)

            Convener: Emmanuel Moutafov

16. Fighting for Byzantium. Balkan Battlefields in the 14th-15th Centuries (FR)

            Convenors: Dan Ioan Mureşan and Güneş Işıksel

17. March 29th, 1453: The Fall/Conquest of Constantinople (ITA)

            Convenor: Silvia Ronchey

18. Navigating the Western Anatolian Transition: Between Byzantium and the Turkic Worlds   (TR)

            Convenor: Suna Çağaptay

19. État et société à l’époque paléologue (XIIIe-XVe siècle) (FR)

            Convenors: Marie-Hélène Blanchet and Raúl Estangüi Gómez

20. Jean VI Cantacuzène, l’apologie et l’histoire (SRB)

            Convenors: Srdjan Pirivatrić and Olivier Delouis

IV) Continuity and Break: From Ancient to Medieval Worlds (7)

21. Pious Foundations as an Element of Continuity between Antiquity and the Middle Ages   and a Bridge between Byzantium and Neighboring Cultures (D)

            Convenors: Zachary Chitwood and Johannes Pahlitzsch

22. Bridges between the secular and spiritual world: Missing links between Μonasteries and   Society (10th – 17th c.) (GRE)

            Convenor: Christos Stavrakos

23. Bishops as Urban Entrepreneurs. Episcopal economic activities in the transformation of   the early Byzantine city (ITA)

            Convenor: L. Baldini

24. Aspects of Transition: Byzantine Cities and Citiscapes between the Dark Ages and the   Fourth Crusade (TR)

            Convenors: Luca Zavagno and Nikolas Bakirtzis

25. After Aphrodisias (GB)

            Convenors: Ine Jacobs and Bert Smith

26. Concours littéraires et compétitions scolaires : Des villes de l’Antiquité tardive à   Constantinople de l’époque médiobyzantine (GRE)

            Convenor: Marina Loukaki

27. Urban Living at the Crossroads: Byzantine Material Culture in Macedonia (FYROM)

            Convenors: Elica Maneva and Katerina Hristova

V) Networks: Social, Cultural, Material (7)

28. Pilgrimage and Religious Networks in the Eastern Mediterranean (FR)

            Convenors: Andréas Nicolaïdès, Ourania Perdiki, and Athanasios Vionis

29. Connections between Byzantium (or the Eastern Mediterranean), the East and the West in   the 6th and 7th centuries CE (NL)

            Convenor: Joanita Vroom

30. Mediterranean Networks (GB)

            Convenor: Leslie Brubaker

31. Interculturality and Mobility in Byzantium (AUT)

            Convenors: Claudia Rapp and Elizabeth Bolman

32. The Materiality of Art and Human Experience in Byzantium and Neighboring Cultures (ISR)

            Convenors: Mati Meyer and Maria Parani

33. Icons as Bridge of Cultures (11th -15th c.) (GRE)

            Convenors: Dionysis Mourelatos and Nina Chichinadze

34. Textual Criticism in the Interpretation of Social Context: Byzantium and Beyond (HUN)

            Convenors: László Horvath  and Dóra E. Solti

VI) Dialogue among Byzantinists: Linking Fields, Approaches, and Methods (11)

35. Applied Historical Sociolinguistics. New methods and approaches to the users and uses of   Medieval Greek(BEL)(AUT)

            Convenors: Klaas Bentein and Andrea Massimo Cuomo

36. The Performing Arts of Byzantium, Reconsidered (USA)

            Convenors: Margaret Mullett and Andrew Walker White

37. What Other Cultures Do/Make with Byzantine Art and Architecture (USA)

            Convenor: Robert S. Nelson

38. Byzantine Literature between Orality and Textuality (CZECH)

            Convenor: Marketa Kulhankova

39. Philologia ancilla philosophiae? The Future of Byzantine Philosophy (D)

            Convenors: Sergei Mariev and John Demetracopoulos

40. Bridging Palaeography, Theology and Cultural History: New Approaches to Liturgical   Studies (NOR)(AUT)

            Convenors: Daniel Galadza and Stig Frøyshov

41. Byzantine Sigillography Moving Forward – Sometimes Skating on Ice (AUT)

            Convenors: Werner Seibt, Jean-Claude Cheynet, and Alexandra-Kyriaki Wassiliou-Seibt

42. The Byzantine Idiom Beyond Byzantium’s Borders: A Historiographic Reflection (CAN)

            Convenors: Cecily Hilsdale and Alicia Walker

43. Epiphanies of royal bodies as image in the Byzantine world (12th-13th centuries) (SUI)

            Convenors: Manuela Studer-Karlen and Mirko Vagnoni

44. Les stratégies de crédibilité dans les textes hagiographiques (FR)

            Convenor: Vincent Déroche

45. Byzantine Studia Humanitatis. Bridging Disciplines in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century

Byzantium (NL)

            Convenor: Daphne Penna

VII) Bridging Interdisciplinary Gaps: New Ways of Making Connections (9)

46. Ritual Gestures in Byzantium. A Bridge between Earth and Heaven and between   Byzantium and Its Neighbors (FR)

            Convenors: Béatrice Caseau and Derek Krueger 

47. Byzantine Engineering and Infrastructure: Interdisciplinary Approaches (GB)

            Convenors: James Crow and Martin Crapper

48. Historical Geography of Byzantium in a Digital Age: Chances and Risks (AUT)

            Convenors: Mihailo Popović and Leah Di Segni

49. Byzantine Ecosystems: Society and Environment in the Eastern Mediterranean,   300‑1500 CE (POL)(AUT)

            Convenors: Adam Izdebski, Lee Mordechai, Ekaterini Mitsiou, and Johannes Preiser-   Kapeller

50. Theorising Byzantium (GB)

            Convenor: Matthew Kinloch

51. Innovative Approaches in Editing Byzantine Therapeutical Literature (D)

            Convenors: Isabel Grimm-Stadelmann and Alain Touwaide

52. The Use of Prophecy in the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires (ROU)

            Convenors: Paul Magdalino and Andrei Timotin

53. Making Byzantine Worlds between Civilizations and Disciplines (SWE)

            Convenors: Ingela Nilsson and Olof Heilo

54. Why Byzantium Matters To-Day (DAN)

            Convenor: Karsten Fledelius

VIII) Other: Regions / Peripheries / Provinces (8)

55. La Cilicie médiévale: Carrefour entre langues et traditions (FR)

            Convenors: Ioanna Rapti and Gunder Varinlioglu 

56. La Crète: pont entre Byzance et la renaissance italienne (ITA)

            Convenor: Marina Detoraki

57. “From Euxine to Mare Maius”: political changes and cultural continuity, 13th-15th c. (R)

            Convenor: Sergey P. Karpov

58. Guarding the frontier or trading on the border: The borders of the Byzantine   Commonwealth and their function (POL)

            Convenors: Aleksandr Musin, Perica Špehar, and Marcin Woloszyn

59. Visions of Heaven and Hell: A Bridge to the Other World (AUSTRALASIA)

            Convenors: Bronwen Neil and Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

60. Christian Nubia as a bridge between Byzantium and Africa (POL)

            Convenors: Magdalena Łaptaś, Włodzimierz Godlewski, and Athanasios Semoglou

61. South Sinai, a Bridge between Byzantium and Worlds. The Archeological Evidence   (GRE)

            Convenors: Nikolaos Fyssas, Georgia Foukaneli, Sophia Kalopissi-Verti, and Maria   Panayotidi- Kesisoglou

62. Cyprus under the Palaeologan era (CYP)

            Convenors: Charalampos G. Chotzakoglou and Ioannis Eliades