Repertorium Auctorum Polemicorum

The Repertorium Auctorum Polemicorum (RAP) is the first complete inventory of writings dedicated to the relationship between Byzantine and Latin Christianity. It includes every literary genre and every topic of discussion that is related to the evolution of the relationship between the western and eastern parts of the Church, today identified as Catholic Church and Orthodox Church (dir. A. Bucossi & M.-H. Blanchet).

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NB: During the 5th Session of the Bogomil Seminar, organised by the Ceraneum of the University of Łódź in Poland on 14 October 2022 and dedicated to the theme « Polemical Literature in Byzantium and the Slavic World », Alessandra Bucossi and Marie-Hélène Blanchet have presented the RAP project. Their lecture is available on the Ceraneum’s Youtube channel.